Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Utilitarian Footwear

I recently found a new love for utilitarian footwear. Traditional footwear that has worked for ages for people. It started recently when I bought a pair of inexpensive shearling moccasins. Since then I got it, these shoes have been produced for years and years and they are tried and true. They are breathable (because it's all natural leather) and very comfortable.

I am a big fan of boots (even though I hardly wear them because I love wearing sneakers too much) but because of the snow I have been wearing a pair of 10 yer old work boots from back in the day. I must say I am impressed with them, they are waterproof, they have a steel toe and I am protected from electrocution.

From the ongoing snowfall I went into researching things like snow boots and gum boots. Again footwear that has been around for years and years, they both have their own particular purpose and history. I mean a pair of $12 gum boots will protect my socks from this puddle why didn't I get a pair earlier (I actually still don't have a pair because they are sold out), I mean I can get a pair and own them for life. Snow boots that protect me from arctic temperature, they keep my feet dry and they have gators to protect my jeans, they cost less then Jordans, why didn't I get a pair earlier. Again I can get one pair and have them for life.

Pretty much all the footwear I mentioned Hiroki Nakamura from Visvim pretty much made his own version of it. Snowboots, workboots, moccasins, mountaineering boots, vans, cucks, he pretty much remade all the shoes and silhouettes that I like right now and freaked them in his style. Pretty much if his shoes weren't $300+ a pop and hard to find I can just have one of each of his shoes and I'll be good.

I gotta say I am going to be ready for next years snowfall. Snowboots, Rain boots for the winter spring, moccasins for the summer months I'm going to be good.



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